Twitch Affiliate Vs Partner: What’s the Difference?

Twitch isn't the only streaming service on the internet, but it certainly is the most popular by a long shot. What sets the platform apart from other live-streaming sites is the fact that Twitch actually pays its users for the content it creates.

As a content creator grows in popularity, they will eventually qualify for Affiliate and even Partner's status. These two programs open the door to various ways to make money, but what's the difference between a Twitch Affiliate vs. Partner?

What is Twitch?

What is Twitch?

Twitch.tv is a revolutionary live-streaming platform that gives content creators the ability to broadcast to a live audience while earning income at the same time. Twitch was initially created for gamers but has recently become popular among musicians, artists, athletes, and countless other streamers looking to share their passion with the world.

What is a Twitch Affiliate?

What is a Twitch Affiliate?

For millions of streamers, Twitch has become the perfect outlet to share their passion with the world. However, Twitch also recognizes that it's not all "fun and games." Gaining success on the platform requires a lot of hard work and determination. For this reason, the Twitch Affiliate Program was created.

The Twitch Affiliate Program puts qualified streamers in a position to earn income by accepting subscriptions from their viewers and channel subscribers in the amounts of $4.99, $9.99, or $24.99 per month.

Twitch Affiliate Requirements

Twitch Affiliate Requirements: How to Become a Twitch Affiliate

Reaching Affiliate status is the first significant milestone for new Twitch streamers. To qualify for the program and start earning money, there are a few requirements.

According to the Twitch.tv website, qualified streamers must "have at least 50 followers and over the last 30 days have" had "at least 500 total minutes broadcast, 7 unique broadcast days, and an average of 3 or more concurrent viewers”. After meeting these requirements, a user will be notified that they have completed the Path to Affiliate achievement and will be invited to join the program.

Benefits of Being a Twitch Affiliate

Benefits of Being a Twitch Affiliate

Reaching Affiliate status opens up the door to a slew of features that can help boost a live streamer's popularity and ability to make money. Here are some of those essential features:

Priority Transcoding

In simple terms, transcoding is a process that allows a video to be uncoded, adjusted, then re-coded.

Most streamers prefer to broadcast at the highest resolution and bit-rate possible. However, not everyone watching a twitch stream will have access to lightning-fast internet speeds, making it difficult, if not impossible, to view the live stream.

Transcoding recompresses a stream, giving the audience numerous resolution and bit-rate options to optimize their viewing experience.

All twitch users have access to transcoding whenever it is available. However, Twitch affiliates are given priority over non-affiliate channels.

14-Day Video-On-Demand Storage

Since Twitch streams are broadcasted in real-time, a viewer might tune-in late or miss a stream altogether. Fortunately, Twitch Affiliates have the benefit of having 14-day video-on-demand storage. This gives fans two weeks to re-watch or catch up on any broadcasts that they missed.

Re-Runs and Premieres

In 2018, Twitch released its Video Producer feature. This was intended for those whose passion is filmmaking rather than live-streaming. This feature allows content creators to host cinema-style video premieres and re-runs of films. This allows for "more options, more control, and more opportunities to find viewers" and "grow an audience", says Twitch.

15-Day Pay Out

As mentioned before, once a Twitch user reaches Affiliate status, they can begin to earn money. Twitch pays its users 15 days after the end of each calendar month.

Emotes Times Five

Twitch Emotes are unique emoticons used to communicate and react to things that happen in a live-stream. Emotes provide content creators with an additional way to personalize their channels and reward their subscribers. Affiliates have access to five custom emote slots.

Game Sales Revenue

Twitch Affiliates can earn money through game sales and game add-ons that originate from their channel. When a streamer begins to play a game available on the Steam store, a link to purchase the game or item will automatically appear on screen. Affiliates receive 5% of all sales that come from these links.

What is the Twitch Partner Program?

What is the Twitch Partner Program?

The Twitch Partnership program is very similar to the affiliate program, with many additional features and monetization options. Twitch Partners are not only committed to streaming high-quality content, but they are also very active and influential in the Twitch community.

Unlike Affiliates, you must apply to become a Twitch partner, making it a much more exclusive and sought after title.

Requirements to Become a Twitch Partner

Requirements to Become a Twitch Partner

To be eligible to apply to the Partner program, you must complete the Path To Partner achievement.

This achievement consists of 3 required tasks.

  • Stream for 25 hours
  • Stream on 12 different days
  • Average of 75 viewers (concurrent viewership excluding hosts, raids, and embeds)

It's important to note that completing the Path To Partner achievement doesn't guarantee acceptance into the program. Twitch considers this the minimum requirement for the program. The majority of Partners have amassed a large audience on Twitch and social media and are very connected with their viewers.

Benefits of Being a Twitch Partner

Benefits of Being a Twitch Partner

For serious streamers, becoming a Twitch Partner is their ultimate goal. Reaching Partner status shows that a user is committed to their content. As a result, Twitch rewards them with even more features and ways to make money.

  • Ads - Twitch Partners are given the option to place ads before and during their videos in exchange for a monetary reward.

  • Full Access to Transcoding - Partners are given full access to transcoding, so they don't have to worry about availability like other users do.

  • 60-Day Video-On-Demand Storage - Leveling up from Affiliate to Partner means that your video-on-demand storage is extended from 15 to 60 days, helping to ensure that your fans never miss a live stream.

  • Stream Delay up to 15 Minutes - Partners have the option of adding a 15-minute stream delay to their broadcasts. This means that what viewers will see actually occurred 15 minutes in the past. This delay helps avoid congestion-related connection issues and "stream-sniping" (a tactic that gamers use to gain an unfair advantage in PVP scenarios).

  • Priority Customer Support - Getting in contact with a customer support representative is never an easy process. Fortunately, Twitch Partners don't have to worry about waiting in long queues or being put on hold, as they are given priority customer service support and access to the special Partnership Support Team.

  • Verified Channel Badge - All Twitch Partners will receive the Twitch Verified Channel badge, a check mark inside a purple octagon that shows up next to a Twitch username. This may not seem like a big deal, but as a channel grows in popularity, it becomes increasingly helpful. Verified channels are respected and often draw in more viewers to streams they watch. Additionally, The Verified badge helps to identify any imposter accounts posing as a well-known content creator.

The Bottom Line

For new Twitch users looking to make a name for themselves on the platform, The Affiliate and Partnership Programs benefit greatly. Not only do they provide streamers with an active source of income, but they work to keep content creators motivated and moving forward, putting these streamers one step closer to their ultimate goal of making a living from doing what they love.

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