How to Gain Followers on Twitch: Twitch Follow Bot Vs. Buying Twitch Followers

Learning how to gain followers on Twitch is essential to growing your channel.

You’ve got all the right gear, you’re playing the most popular games, you’re active in the community, but you’re still struggling to get Twitch followers. Does this sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone.

Every new Twitch streamer has big dreams of making it big and earning thousands of dollars off their content, but you need followers to do this.

Fortunately for you, getting them is a lot simpler than you think. Many online services are eager to sell you the followers that you need to rise to the top of the Twitch suggested pages.

Purchasing Twitch followers is an excellent strategy that you can use to gain an edge over your competition.

How Do You Get Followers on Twitch?

Why You Need to Get More Twitch Followers

Many new content creators often fail to understand the full significance of getting followers. Having a huge follower count is synonymous with success and popularity, but what many streamers initially overlook is that the number of followers that a person has is directly related to the amount of income that they can make on Twitch.

You see, to begin earning money in the first place, you must become part of the Twitch Affiliate Program, and to qualify for the program, you need to reach 50 followers. While 50 followers might not seem like an enormous challenge, it’s a tricky thing to accomplish.

Many streamers learning how to get more followers on Twitch often opt to acquire views and followers from a third-party service. Today, many companies are more than willing to sell (or even give you) the followers you desperately need to get over the 50 follower hill.

These services can be an incredibly useful asset. However, choosing the right one is crucial. Many of the followers that these companies have to offer are illegitimate and violate the Twitch terms of service.

How to Gain Followers on Twitch?

Are Follow Bots Against Twitch Terms of Service?

TwitchGainz.com is the ideal source for those searching for a safe alternative to follower bots, viewer bots, and chatbots. Unlike many of our competitors, our followers are all real Twitch users looking for high-quality content. This ensures that you won’t violate Twitch’s Terms of Service while figuring out how to grow your Twitch channel.

Our system works by allowing you to offer other Twitch streamers an incentive to follow your channel or view your live stream. We offer a wide range of free and paid viewer services, so whether you already have an established channel or just getting started streaming, you will be able to benefit.

TwitchGainz.com is different from other services because our users get to choose which offers that they accept. This helps to ensure that your new viewers and followers are there to enjoy your content, not just to make a quick buck.

Buy Twitch Follower with TwitchGainz.com

Using A Follow Bot Vs. Using TwitchGainz.com

In addition to complying with Twitch’s TOS, many other significant differences exist between Twitch Gainz and Twitch bots.

Unlike bots that have an overall negative effect on the streaming community, Twitch Gainz actually benefits and promotes a healthy online ecosystem. The system exposes Twitch users to new channels, which they otherwise would have never encountered. Viewers can also contribute to natural and engaging conversations while watching your streams.

Another major difference between using Twitch Gainz and bots is the lasting effect that your content will have on your new Twitch viewers. As mentioned before, bots are temporary, and as soon as you stop paying for them, they disappear, and you have nothing to show for it. Twitch Gainz viewers, on the other hand, have chosen to watch your Twitch stream. It is not uncommon for incentivized viewers to grow an attachment to your content and become fans.

What is a Twitch Follow Bot?

What is a Twitch Follow Bot?

When trying to grow your Twitch channel, you’ll find tons of information suggesting that you use Twitch follow bots. Essentially, a follow bot is a computer-generated Twitch account that acts like an actual user to inflate your follower and viewer count artificially.

How do Twitch Follow Bots Work?

After you buy follow bots from a third-party provider, these fake accounts will be transferred to your Twitch account and show up on your followers’ list. This system tricks Twitch into thinking that your channel is more popular than it really is, making it more likely that your live streams will appear higher on the suggested page.

Using Twitch Follow Bot Free Trials

Almost every available bot service has some sort of free trial program. These companies will often give you a limited number of free Twitch followers to gain your business. Some streamers recommend that you sign up for as many free trials as possible to help you reach your affiliate status. While this method has worked for some, it is incredibly risky.

The problem is that these free Twitch followers are temporary, and as soon as the trial ends, the followers will disappear unless you continue to pay for the service. This can cause two major issues.

First off, if you reach affiliate status and the majority of your followers are bots, once your free trials end, and all of your followers vanish, you will no longer qualify for the program.

Second, sudden drops in followers raise major red flags for Twitch. When unusual activity occurs on a channel, the moderators investigate, and if they catch you using bots, there will be consequences like having your account banned.

Are Follow Bots Against Twitch Terms of Service?

In short, yes, follow bots do violate the Twitch terms of service. Here is an excerpt straight from the Twitch safety and moderation page:

“As a reminder, fake engagement and artificial inflation of channel statistics are violations of our policies. Participating in, organizing, and/or running these services will lead to an enforcement issued on your account, including and up to indefinite suspension.”

Twitch wants all growth on its platform to happen organically. Since follow and viewer bots are created by computer programs and are not connected to real people, using them puts you at an unfair advantage over other content creators.

If you need to purchase followers to help you reach affiliate status, it's best to buy from a service that provides you with real Twitch accounts and won’t violate the Twitch TOS.

The Bottom Line

Watching your Twitch channel grow on its own is a very satisfying process, but it often takes time.

Using a bot service may result in your account being permanently banned from Twitch.

TwitchGainz.com can be a perfect way to accelerate the growth process and get you out of the beginner stages of your Twitch journey and onto making real money.