Buying Twitch Viewers: Purchase Twitch Viewers to Grow Your Channel

Buying Twitch viewers might be put in a negative connotation. While it’s true that money can’t buy you success, it can certainly help you start a business. And at the end of the day, content creation and streaming is a way to make money.

Sure, you could spend countless hours researching the best stream titles and advertising on social media. You could also try some Twitch viewer bot you got off GitHub. But if you're smart, you can accelerate your growth by purchasing Twitch viewers from a platform with credible developers behind it.

Buying Twitch Viewers: Should You Do It?

Why Should I Buy Twitch Viewers?

To start making money off your content, you first have to become part of the Twitch Affiliate Program. To do this, Twitch has four requirements that you must meet. You will need:

  • At least 500 total minutes broadcast in the last 30 days
  • At least 7 unique broadcast days in the last 30 days
  • An average of 3 concurrent viewers or more over the last 30 days
  • At least 50 followers

The first two of these requirements will probably be relatively easy for you if you're dedicated to streaming on a regular basis. However, for many new content creators, acquiring 50 followers and obtaining an average of 3 concurrent viewers may prove to be difficult.

Why? Because to accumulate more viewers (and eventually followers), you need to climb up higher on Twitch's recommended page. For this to happen, your steam needs to grow in popularity. Unless you are somehow able to convince 50 of your friends to create a Twitch account and follow your channel, you might need help from another source.

Fortunately for you, there are countless other Twitch streamers with your same issues. This growing demand for viewers has prompted the creation of companies that are willing to sell you the viewers and even the subscribers that you desperately need. However, not all of these companies are legit, and if you're not careful, using the wrong services can result in huge penalties or even bans from the Twitch platform.

If you are wondering how to gain viewers on Twitch, this raises the question: How do I know which companies comply with Twitch policies?

Purchase Twitch Viewers with TwitchGainz.com

Why TwitchGainz.com is The Best Place to Buy Viewers

Twitch Gainz is the perfect source for those in need of a little help to reach affiliate status. We give you the ability to offer other Twitch users an incentive to watch your live streams. However, unlike many of our competitors, our viewers are not robots. Instead, they are all real Twitch users in search of entertaining content.

Our system is unique in that our viewers get to be selective in what they watch. If they tune in to one of your streams and enjoy your content, they will possibly become regular viewers and even fans of your channel long after you stop paying them to watch.

How to Buy Twitch Viewers With TwitchGainz.com

  1. Sign Up

    Getting started with TwitchGainz.com is simple. Using your Twitch account, you can sign up for free! Click here to get started now.

  2. Obtain GEMS

    GEMS are the monetary system specially developed for transactions between streamers and viewers. They are essentially credits that you will need to incentivize other users to watch your streams.

    You can obtain GEMS in two ways. They can be earned by engaging with other user’s channels, or you can fast track things by purchasing them.

  3. Create an Offer

    Posting an offer is how you will draw an audience to your live stream.

    There are two types of offers: follow offers and stream offers. Create a “follow offer” to gain more followers, and create a “stream offer” to gain more stream viewers.

    When creating an offer, you decide how many GEMS you’d like to reward users for completing your offer.

View Botting Twitch Explained

Buying a Twitch Bot For Views

Botting, on the other hand, is not a legit or safe method of getting viewers on Twitch.

Twitch viewer bots are artificial Twitch accounts that act like real users to inflate the number of live views while you are streaming. Botting is becoming increasingly popular among new streamers looking to reach the 50 follower mark required for affiliate status. Many think that they'll be able to slide under the radar and avoid penalties as long as they don't go overboard with the number of bots they buy.

The truth is, Twitch takes all forms of botting very seriously, and if you get caught, you could end up with a permanent ban from Twitch.tv. Aside from violating Twitch's terms of service, there are a few other very important reasons to stay away from view bots.

  • Bots are Temporary – When you purchase views from REAL Twitch users, they often grow an attachment to your streams and become followers or fans. However, since a view bot is essentially just a computer program and not a living person, there is no chance of making an impression on them with your content. Once you stop paying for them, they disappear.
  • Ad Fraud – As your channel grows in popularity and you qualify for the Affiliate Program, you will eventually be allowed to place ads on your Twitch account in exchange for monetary revenue. Since these companies are paying you to expose real people to their products or services, bot usage can lead to ad fraud and possible criminal charges.
  • They Harm The Twitch Community – As is the case with any community, growth, and success only happens when its members are active and involved. Since bots can't contribute to conversations or participate in live streams, they limit others’ opportunities to grow and don't contribute to a healthy community.

Is Buying Viewers on Twitch Against Twitch Terms of Service?

Is Buying Viewers on Twitch Against Twitch Terms of Service?

The short answer is no. There are perfectly legal ways to buy Twitch followers without violating the Twitch terms of service. The tricky part is knowing which companies to trust.

Twitch wants it's content creators to gain success using their platform, but they strive to ensure that all growth is legitimate. So, if you ‘buy’ Twitch viewers, as long as your views come from real users, and not computer-generated scripts or tools, you are in the clear.

The Twitch user agreement has no rules or policies prohibiting the use of incentivized, sponsored, or paid activity on your Twitch channel. So using a service like TwitchGainz.com to incentivize users to engage with your channel is perfectly legal.

The Bottom Line

For those striving to make a living streaming popular games on Twitch, the importance of views cannot be emphasized enough. They not only represent the sum of your hard work, but views also have a massive bearing on the amount of money that you can make on Twitch.

While it is incredibly rewarding to watch your channel grow organically, it requires a considerable amount of time that you likely don't have. So why not accelerate the process? Sign up with TwitchGainz.com and watch your channel skyrocket in popularity.