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Keep Your Streams Safe: How to Use Twitch's New Block Feature

Do you want to keep your streams safe from trolls and protect yourself while streaming? Learn how to use the new block user feature released by Twitch!

As Twitch streamers, we all love building a vibrant and supportive community. But let's face it, it's not all rainbows and butterflies. There are always a handful of users who never fail to ruin the experience for everyone else. These individuals can be bullies, trolls, or even stalkers who can make your life miserable and damage your reputation. Luckily, Twitch is releasing a new feature that can help you keep these problem users at bay: the block user feature. In this post, we'll take a closer look at how to use the block user feature and how it can benefit your Twitch channel.

How does Twitch's new ban feature work

How does Twitch's new ban feature work

First things first, let's talk about what the new block user feature is and how it works. It's a simple tool that allows you to prevent individual users from accessing your stream. Once you block someone, they won't be able to view your stream or chat with you in any way. They also won't be able to follow or subscribe to your channel, making it easier for you to manage your community and protect your content from trolls and online harassment. To block a user, simply click on their username in chat and select "block" from the dropdown menu.

Why the block feature is important

Why the block feature is important

For one, it's a powerful tool that helps you maintain a positive and safe environment for your viewers. All streamers know that comments and chats can sometimes get out of hand, and having a quick and easy way to block problematic users ensures that everyone in your community can have a good time. Secondly, it's a valuable safeguard against potential stalking or harassment. As a streamer, you may attract unwanted attention from users who seek to harm you or damage your image. With the block user feature, you can take control of who has the ability to interact with you and keep your channel a safer place.

But can't users just make a new account to bypass the block user feature? Yes, it's possible. And while blocking someone won't outright ban them from your channel and content, it can go a long way towards preventing them from being disruptive. Plus, if a blocked user violates Twitch's terms of service, they can face more severe consequences such as being banned from the platform altogether.

It's worth noting that the block user feature is just one of many tools that Twitch provides to help streamers manage their community. You can also set up automod filters, create chat rules, and assign moderators to your stream to ensure that everyone follows the guidelines that you set. However, the block user feature presents a simple and effective option for dealing with individual users who may need to be removed from your community.

As Twitch streamers, our community is everything. We work hard to build and maintain a welcoming and enjoyable space for our viewers, but unfortunately, there are always a few bad apples who try to disrupt the fun. That's why it's so important that Twitch has introduced the block user feature. By utilizing this tool, we can control who has access to our content and keep our channels a safe and fun place for everyone. Remember, as a streamer, it's your responsibility to protect your community and your brand. Use the block user feature wisely and often, and you'll be rewarded with a flourishing and welcoming community.

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