Twitch rolls out new Hype Chat feature

Are you looking for a way to take your Twitch experience to the next level? Twitch has added a feature called 'Hype Chat' which works in a way that is similar to YouTube's Super Chat. This new feature allows viewers to pay for their messages to be pinned at the top of the chat window during streams, providing a new way for streamers to earn money.

Not only does Hype Chat give viewers a way to support their favorite streamers, but it also provides a new opportunity for streamers to make money and increase their income. By introducing this feature, Twitch is providing an exciting new way for streamers to interact with their audiences while earning more money in the process.

Hype Chat is currently open to Twitch Affiliates and Partners. However, Twitch has announced that they have intentions of making this feature more widely available in the near future. Additionally, the tool can only be accessed through a web browser.

How Hype Chat works and the benefits

How Hype Chat works and the benefits

The way that Hype Chat works is simple. All viewers have to do is select a message from the chat window and then pay for it with their payment method of choice; if they choose to do so, the message will be pinned at the top of the chat window for several minutes and up to several hours.

A minimum donation of $1 is required. Donations are capped at $500, but streamers have the option to set a higher minimum donation of $100. The more money you've donated, the longer your message will stay above their chat. It is important to note that once a donation is made, it cannot be refunded. Similarly, all purchases are considered final and cannot be returned.

Hype Chat provides many benefits for streamers and viewers alike. It gives viewers a way to show their support for streamers while also having the opportunity to interact with them in real-time which keeps the conversation lively. This feature also helps streamers better engage with their audiences and earn more money in the process.

According to Twitch, creators will receive a 70/30 revenue split, whereas most of its Affiliates and Partners receive a 50/50 split for subscriptions and bits. However, there is a 5% transaction fee donors must pay as detailed on Twitch's Hype Chat FAQ page.

Twitch is also introducing new measures to ensure a safer Hype Chat. Creators will be able to ban specific words and set a minimum price for chat participation. They will also have the ability to manually remove any problematic chats.

Overall, Hype Chat is an exciting new way for streamers and viewers to engage with one another. It provides a great opportunity for streamers to increase their incomes while simultaneously giving viewers the chance to show their support in a unique and creative way.

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