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Twitch Unveils a Roadmap of Updates in Store for 2023

Over the course of this year, Twitch will be making some big changes to its platform. Twitch has announced that they will be dedicated to cultivating the success of its creators by amplifying their earnings and expanding their communities. The platform will be releasing a fresh bundle of tools and products to help streamers acquire more money "without impacting" their growth.

So what's to come?

So what's to come?

One of the upcoming additions will be Sound Bites, an option that allows viewers to purchase an interaction with a content creator. This is great news for both creators and fans alike; it's never been easier to support your favorite Streamer directly in this way.

Twitch has also revealed that it is constructing a "meaningful" sponsorship program, allowing some streamers to customize their channels so they can generate more revenue and become even more influential for a specific brand. Streamers will be able to add channel skins, clickable branded graphics and other elements onto their streams and channel page for a more organic sponsorship experience that viewers will find less intrusive.

Content creators will have access to innovative tools to edit and export their livestream clips into vertical and short-form videos, allowing for greater flexibility when creating content. For example, with "Pinned Clips", users can attach up to 20 clips on their channel page, allowing viewers the opportunity to gain insight into what the stream is about. "Upcoming Streams" will make it easier than ever to stay informed and tuned into your favorite streamers' streams - all conveniently located in one place.

Changes to the overall ad experience.

Changes to the overall ad experience

Twitch is updating the way channels disable pre-rolls, providing a better viewing experience for users. Broadcasting three minutes of ads per hour will deactivate all pre-rolls. They no longer have to be split into 90-second ads every 30 minutes.

More exciting updates are on the horizon.

More exciting updates are on the horizon

In 2023, the Guest Star feature will be improved to make community interaction much more engaging with first-party tools. A new Creator Home dashboard is also being rolled out that would provide streamers a unique and dynamic home base where they can personalize their content. With this technology, content creators will be able to stay connected and engaged with their audience regardless of whether they are present online or offline.

Twitch is investing in the future of streaming and they are continuously working on improving their platform to ensure that content creators have the tools necessary to succeed. They are also putting a great deal of effort into making sure viewers have a better viewing experience. The upcoming updates for 2023 should provide streamers with everything they need to build an even bigger and better community.

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