April 26th Website Exploit

We deeply regret the disruption caused by the recent website exploitation on April 26th, where a user gained unauthorized access to millions of Gems, creating Offers and distributing them to hundreds of users. This activity threw the website's economy into disarray and the value of a Gem was drastically diminished. You may have noticed Offers rewarding users with abnormally high number of Gems over the last week. You may have also noticed other irregularities, such as Offers closing randomly.

Upon identifying and fixing the vulnerability exploited by the user, our team deliberated extensively on how to restore the website's economic stability. After careful consideration, we concluded that a website reset was necessary to rectify the situation, reverting the site to its state before the exploitation occurred on April 26th. This means that your account will now appear exactly as it was as of April 25th (with the small exception of purchases – see below).

To clarify how this may have affected you specifically, please see the user segments below. If you were active on the site since April 26th, you will fall within 1 or more of these segments, and possibly all 3.

  1. Users who spent Gems creating Offers: The site reset may have positively impacted this group, as any Gems spent during the affected period have essentially resulted in free engagement, with balances now reset to April 25th. For example, if you spent 5,000 Gems to create a Follow Offer, you likely received a bunch of followers from the Offer and now you also got the Gems back that you spent.
  2. Users who purchased Gems: Don’t worry, your purchased Gems remain unaffected and are still in your account, even if they were purchased during the April 26h to May 2nd time period.
  3. Users who accepted Offers to earn Gems: Unfortunately, any Gems earned during the period in question have been removed from your account, with balances reset to their April 25th state. We're so sorry for the inconvenience here, but we had to revoke the Gems for the sake of the website’s health. Many Offers that rewarded users with Gems during this time period were not legitimate ones.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. Our team explored various options, and a reset was deemed the only way to restore website’s health. If there was an alternative solution, we would have pursued it. We hope for your understanding and acceptance of our heartfelt apology.